What is Google Page Rank

A High Google Page Rank is one of the best things that can happen to your site or blog, a high Google page rank practically guarantees a high traffic throughput and lots of traffic should mean lots of sales and advertising revenue:

Google works out a Pages Ranks using a number of factors:

Domain Age
Keyword Use
Quality of Content
No of Backlinks
Page Rank of Back Links

and more.


The key to a High Google Page Rank is to provide all the things Google is looking for.


You want to target Kitten Training in Boston.

Buy a domain name such as www.kittentrainingboston.com
Register it for a minimum of 5 years.

Make sure the Keywords "Kitten Training Boston" are used in the Page Title, Page Description and the H1 & H2 Tags and that the keywords are the Top 3 word key phrase on the site.

Make sure you write your own content, each post or page should have a minimum of 350-400 words.

Then it's time to get some High Google Page Rank Back Links.

How to Check if you have a HIGH GOOGLE PAGE RANK

SEOQuake is the plug in of choice, it gives details on EVERY site you visit, and those in search results from Google and Yahoo, it is indespensible. It makes it easy, not only to see your own page rank, but those of other sites & blogs you see.