Sunday, 13 March 2011

High Google Page Rank

High Google Page Rank backlinks for your site mean additional traffic. Not only do you need an awesome Site or blog, SEO'd toward your chosen keywords, but you also need BACK LINKS, Google will NOT see you without them, or at least, not for long.

You will find that in the beginning you have to either spend hours upon hours posting on blogs, registering for forums and the like, or Pay someone else. Remember it's Quality, High Google Page Rank Backlinks you want. Google will rank you more highly with High Google Page Rank back links than a whole load of PR0 links. The more, top quality, High Google Page Rank back links you create, the higher you will get and the more traffic your site or blog will receive.

You could write articles, add links then submit them to article sites.

Forums can provide an excellent source of back links, sometimes you do not even need to post, just register, place your link in your "signature" box and leave. In fact posting Spam on some forums will get you an instant ban.

Or, you could cheat, save all the time above, get lots and lots of High Google Page Rank backlink.