Sunday, 13 March 2011

A High Google Page Rank and YOU

Ok, so you've built your first wordpress site, you've spent hours making it look just how you like it. You've written about 10, 350 - 400 word posts. You've spent ages putting your new found Search Engine Optimization knowledge into practice and got the keyword targetting spot on.

Still no Traffic?

Backlinks, thats what you now need to help rise through the myriad of competitive websites out there.

What exactly do you need?

More back links, better, high Google page rank backlinks than the number 1 site.

Read this

You can of course just sit at your computer, use the blog and forum links above and start posting relevant comments on blogs. I must warn you it is a vary time consuming task, it has little or no instant gratification.

You need to Automate it...